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My name is Michael Briggs (Mike Briggs if I’m outside Scotland – don’t know why but everyone seems to call me Mike and I’ve never queried it).

What do I do?

I’m an online marketer based in Scotland – it rains a lot which means that working in front of a PC in the warmth whilst it’s wet outside was probably the correct career choice. I specialise in helping businesses get value from their online marketing from search engine optimisation (getting the right people to the right place on site in the right way from search queries to make businesses profit) to analytics and conversion (getting visitors to spend more on sites) through to being a bit of a geek who enjoys building websites etc (as you can see from this site “design” is not my forte).

Who have I worked for?

Good question but across the last ten years I’ve worked on campaigns for clients ranging from Tesco, AXA PPP Health Insurance, Yahoo!, Ramada Jarvis, DFDS Seaways, European Elections and so many more that I can’t remember them all as I type.

Hook up on some social networks

TBH I’m not a social geek but if you’d like to follow my wafflings I’m not hard to find.

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