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OK so my use of this term @ #TBUMBR (Travel Bloggers Unite – Umbria) seemed to start a bit of a panic (and TBH it was someone else who used the term pingback – not me in the first instance). Basically a “pingback” is a piece of technology that sits inside your blog and when you mention someone else’s content (assuming they receive pingbacks) they get told automatically in their website that someone else has linked to them.

Over at wordpress.com they say that :

pingback is designed to allow bloggers to :

inform other bloggers whenever they cite an article from another site in their own articles 1

Let’s take a simple occassion I write an article about travel bloggers I’ve met over here in Umbria, Italy and mention a nice blog post they’ve written about Italy (take this about the Paris to Italy Sleeper Train over at the blog written by @Jools_Octavius) the next time he opens his wordpress installation it will let him know I’ve mentioned his article and his blog (upon accepting the pingback) will provide a link to my article which cites his article.

That’s it. If you’re really wanting to learn about pingbacks (which yes are kinda like trackbacks) you can see more over at the following articles ;

Geeky Stuff about Technical Definitions of what is a Pingback

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