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This week I’ve been searching for some good cheat sheets to decorate my office with – and there was only so long I could stare into a picture of a New York Skyline. And during this week I’d decided that if Dick Dastardly and Mutley had used cheat sheets they would probably have caught the damned pigeon. So here’s a run down of my top three cheat sheets/guides for search engine optimization.

  1. SEOmoz Develop Cheat Sheet : SEOmoz is an SEO place that I generally just swing by but this cheat sheet made me sit down and think about it. Its simple , elegant, fots onto an A3 printout really easily and has became one of the SEO posters at my desk next to an old Bruce Clay Search Engine Relationship Chart. Anyway it gives a heads up on stuff like redirects, canonicalization etc and its great just to have so when someone asks how to do that redirect stuff in .htaccess files I can just recite it. big shout out to SEOmoz.
  2. The SEO Guide to Information Architecture : got this in the RSS feed from Dan Theis website, SEO Fast Start, and it rocks. You know all those niggly little things that you slap .net developers for on a daily basis and that IIS just seems to do in an attempt to mess with all the work you’ve done. Well its probably going to be found in this list and its a good long post which is worth reading if you have any interest in SEO from a website architecture point of view (should send some usability the link it they may even agree with it).
  3. Guide to Advanced Operators in Google : when I started out messing about with search engines one of the most powerful things you can do is limit/specify your search based upon certain parameters. This nice little cheat sheet allows you to find all those small things that make life simpler like finding results based upon date, filetype etc. Once you start messing about with these you’ll find that you’ll be searching for some strange things and more often than not find them.

So there’s our list of our favourite cheat sheets and we’re sure you’ll find at least one little thing in each of them that changes something you do online.

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