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Bigmouthmedia are pretty much the largest Internet Marketing providers in the UK. I’ve always been based in Scotland and as such they’re always in the forefront of the industry gaze. When I worked at Oyster Web, at one stage there were two of us working out a bedroom, and we were beating them hands down in the SERPs for everything to do with SEO: they got more clients – and higher spending clients at that. As such I’ve kept an eye on them for about 6 years.

Anyway one of the things they do which I really like, and I’m thinking of doing in the next couple of months, are their PDF handouts. For their Internet marketing services they provide small PDF documents for clients, prospective clients and anyone who wants them. Today I got sent a link to their new affiliate marketing guide.

I’ve stuck links below to the docs I know of that they’ve made so far – there are more I’m sure but I dont have all the URLs to hand. I list them not because I think it’ll change how you think about your marketing online but because they may help you develop your own ‘soft sell‘ documents. If you’ve got a new service what better way to announce it than by sending all your clients a nice little doc that’s a bit fun. Or if you’re in pre-sales mode with a new lead arises send them the bundle by email – it’ll be cool, branded and keep you in their thoughts.

Bignmouthmedia PDF Links

Have fun.

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