Is 0808 000 0133 the most annoying phone number in the world? – Mercurythread


I am literally about to invoke the insurance policy pertaining to my iPhone – I am going to throw it througha  window onto the road hope it gets ran over by a car and then jump on it repeatedly just to make sure that the thing is dead. And all this just to get away from that pratts @ 0808 000 0133. Every time I answer I get a dead line! 

As you can tell I am really angry – thank God that the iPhone is such a high quality piece of kit you can do really clever things with it. Unfotunately blocking phone numbers is not within its scope – I can see Google Earth, find a Persian reataurant in almost any conurbation, do a blog post on ScotRail but I cant block these idiots.

Apparently this number is a VodaPhone thing – which is a bit strange as I’ve never been with VodaPhone. I’m concerned that what happened is that they’ve taken my number, without my permission, when I partially filled in a form about a free netbook with mobile Internet (I would have signed up to had I not eventually noticed that the Inspiron Mini 9 they offered only had an 8 Gig hard drive – my phone has more than that),

Over at NakedSushi the chatted is to add the number to a contact called ‘Blocked’ and stick it on silent when they call. Its a fix – not a fix I like but may be the best I can find – anyone got any brighter ideas from smashing my phone. Am willing to hire a bus or drive a section of like minded people down to meet these sods.

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