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Sorry for not posting for a while. Been dead busy and made some good inroads into all the accounts I’ve been battering into and thought I’d give an insight into what I’ve achieved in the last wee while. As I have a ‘real’ SEO job and do some stuff free lance (and I dont know how happy my boss would be if I started giving out client details I’ve not listed website addresses in all cases).

Search Engine Optimisation Results

Major Fashion Retailer Starts to Kick Ass

Over June and July me and the guys have been developing links like no ones business. Not in terms of quantity but in terms of quality. So far we’ve managed to increase the terms generating traffic by about 600 in under a month. Leading to more than 25% increase in sales and more than 20% growth in revenue YOY (word to the wise keep selecting your keywords based upon the user intention and you’ll get even better financial results).

Zero to Hero for Movie Blog

I love movies and I love comics so what better way to mess around than to start integrating the two loves. Duly I’ve been involved with the Watchmen Film Blog for a wee while now. We’re now upto over 2,000 uniques a week which shows the growth that can be achieved within specific niche markets. If you want to have a look at how the films starting to shape up you can see the Watchmen Film Trailer Here.

Caravans Still Selling this Summer

God I hate being an affiliate – I feel so dirty every time they send me a cheque :p Anyway this Summer has been OK this year. I’m still waiting for an account manager at BuyAt to send me new links for the Butlins programme – as they changed their tracking links which killed the dynamic booking component I developed. But all in all its looking pretty good. Visits are up, CTR is up, sales are up and by expanding the range of merchants its all going pretty well.

Anyway hope everyone is enjoying their Summer – its like the South of France up here in Scotland just now: excepting the girls are all orange or seriously pale. But as I jet out to Greece for a week I will no doubt have time to plan a new set of strategies for when I get back. See you when I get back.

Bugger and before I forget Colin (who used to work at Equator) has moved to Drive Business. Ok so he left me in the lurch and you know how hard it can be to get experienced SEO staff these days but Andrews now developing links like no ones business. On which subject check out andrews fashion blog here I love his post on Cheap golf Chic.

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