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Yep its happened again. Link builders not being happy with developing links for clients websites. The endless drudgery of submitting to directories, cosying upto bloggers, submitting RSS feeds, doing some online PR, syndicating articles and frequent social booking has led to some of my link developer guys deciding to build websites (which at the same time as being pretty cool is a bit scary – they’ll be wanting to write content and do technical stuff soon).

Andys Website

Well Andys site isn’t here yet. But during my chats with him he’s gonna be building his own social bookmarking website. Having just tested Pligg out he seems to be well on his way to building a nice little niche website. You can find his current look at fashion @ cheapclothesrule.wordpress.com. His tongue in cheek opinions on cheap clothes are a good laugh (Rupert the Bear being featured in the Cheap Golf Chic post was pretty damn clever)

Gavins Website

Gav is going one step further and has decided to enter the hugely competitive – and lucrative I guess – golfing market. Selling golf clubs online. From what I’ve seen and heard should be finished in the next couple of weeks. Have a look @ GB Golf Gear to see how he’s getting on.

Other Stuff

On a related note I’m just finishing off the final touches to the Whisky Blog I run with Bill, from Spiderwriting. This should be online next week. After much feverish nights with only coffee as my friend I’ve worked out how to develop custom functions for WordPress so that we can start running a more magazine style – and professional – looking blog. I hope to have this done for the tail end of August. Oh and cheers to Colin for having helped enlighten me about the stuff that is possible in WordPress,

Alongside all this I’ve been reading some cool stuff about SNOWL for FireFox – not got it working yet. Also been messing about with Firefox personas (nice idea but my tabs keep vanishing (so get it fixed guys). Away from FireFox I was pleased to see that the guys over @ North South Media have moved into a new office –  and don’t forget the beer you promised me for putting that client onto you :p


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