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Quick post – been busy in my new job (more of that next week). Anyway over here there is a wee fell by the name of Scott McLay (I stuck the facebook link in as it made me laugh when I saw the picture – looks like he should be wearing a spock costume from the recent Star Trek Movie) who is an SEO in Falkirk (ok he’s in a village right next to Falkirk but he’s got an FK postcode so I’ll call him an optimiser in Falkirk).  Anyway he’s on the journey from Link Monkey to Link Developer to SEO => I’d say he’s more in the latter part of this search engine optimisation career progression judging by some of the cool ways in which I’ve seen him to be link building.

Anyway he’s battering up a new website all about internet marketing/SEO/links etc over at his new SEO Blog (check him out).

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