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I love glossaries – I know that may sound a bit strange but they make my life easier. If I’m asked to optimise a site, especially a technical site, a glossary can help me effectively understand your products, the same is true when I want to buy something.

What is a website Glossary?

In essence a glossary is a huge section of your site that lists the terms that your consumers may not understand. A term may seem obvious to you but is it to your consumer. I had no idea what web compression was before I started writing about it. It took me an age to understand how it worked and what it would deliver to a client. In essence it makes your website appear on users computers faster by making files smaller. I know the name says this but it is the how I want to know – if I want a website to load faster I make images smaller and improve responses from my server by improving background coding.

You know more about your business than any SEO does

If you help us to help you your glossary not only helps users it helps search engines. By placing your keywords in the usual places:title, h1, body content you make something that will keep your site fresh. The by cross linking to related definitions you strengthen the pages in the glossary. If you then link these to internal pages talking about the concepts you discuss and back the way to help users can do a lot of good.

Where to find good examples of a glossary

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