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Through my RSS readings this morings I came across a number of places talking about the “Google Boogie” – yep I’s never heard of it before either. From what I’ve read it came from Oyster Web and was then blogged at Spiderwriting (Bill get your permalinks fixed).

What is the Google Boogie?

Well the Google Boogie appears to be when the whole index goes into a state of ever changing flux, like the Google Dance before it. You remember Florida or are you too young, Jagger or Bourbon either way the dance/boogie takes place when a switch in algorithm or back end data maniplation. As SEO guys I’m sure you all know the panic that has on some.

My first thought is maybe Everflux is just up and running completely – all pages are constantly re-scored more often leading to fluxes in position. So Doc A is rescored Monday and its score goes up Doc B is rescored Tuesday so on Monday Doc A can beat Doc B. But in truth Doc B is still stronger its just a little behing Doc A in getting its new score. The Google Dance was subtley different where the completeindex scoreschanged and the flux was caused by not allGoogle Data Centres containing the same data so when you queried you could get different results as the back end DC delivered differing results.

TBH whether its a dance, a boogie, a flux or a full on conga throughout the index I think any good SEO can respond to change well. And if they can’t hell mend them. SEO’s about learning and doing things the right way. If you’ve got a good site, with good content easily found through good navigation in the majority of updates etc you’ll find your sites generally are fine.

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