Month: July 2011

WordPress Tutorials Via Video – Mercurythread

I was wandering through my RSS digest this morning and was pleased to hear of the launch of is described as being “Your visiual reference for all things wordpress” – which is a big claim to make but they do have some cool stuff.  As I type I have just booted up a …


Hello World – Links, Links and more Links – Mercurythread

In every computing class ever the first thing they teach you to do is to make your website say ‘Hello World’. On the web saying Hello World has never been more difficult. When the net began being found was easy, as the competition was far lower, now with increasing competition getting a new website to …


LinkLove Plugin for WordPress – Mercurythread

One of the things about blogs is the use of the ‘nofollow’ attribute on links. Supposedly this was to help cut down the numbers of spam comments that blogs receive. However it can be a real pain in the ass. People who contribute to communities dont get the link love that they deserve. I was …